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Vic has been a voice in broadcasting for over 30 years.

Vic Porcelli is a 30+ year veteran of terrestrial radio with thousands of ads, narrations and voiceovers to his credit, Vic is a true, experienced voice in voiceover. Let the voice of St. louis talk for you, contact Vic today!

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Vic wasn’t always talking. He started by listening. Working with the USPS long Vic passed the time at work tuned into the radio. His passion for the platform eventually led him to further his education in the field. After completing his studyies he set out to begin his new career. He started working in New Jersey and Philidelphia but eventually migrated to St. Louis. 

We often boost Vic Porcelli as the Voice of St. Louis, due in a big part to the radio show known as Porcelli’s Deli. The format was simple; a lunch hour music request show strung together by the voice of Porcelli. This show’s popularity, despite its lack of pastrami, was based in it’s community interaction and fan fair. It held a top-ranking spot for radio during its entire dynasty. 12 years after its final episode the nostalgic “Hello Caller format.” accompanied by great music prompted a life long following of Vic’s voice on the airwaves.  

In all of Vic’s broadcasting, he has advocated for three very deserving causes; animals, vets and children in need.  His career has been one of love and devotion to helping others.  St. Louis loves Vic back and it’s not hard to see why. 

Vic recently teamed up with Andy Kazen and has produced a series of podcasts talking about the game of poker called  The 2GuysTalkingPoker Show.  

Today Vic is branching out on his own by working with NexCore, a business solutions and marketing production company. With a solid team behind him, you can check his broadcast of Porcelli’s Deli live on this facebook page serveral days a week. 

Vic Porcelli Entertainment is excited to be on air again. 


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