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Vic Porcelli has dedicated his life to radio DJing and voice over work. He’s passionate about the theater arts and as has acted in over 30 plays. Vic is available for hire on and off the stage. 

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Vic Porcelli – the Voice of St. Louis.

We often boost Vic Porcelli as the Voice of St. Louis, due in a big part to the radio show known as Porcelli’s Deli. The format was simple; a lunch hour music request show strung together by the voice of Porcelli. This show’s popularity, despite its lack of pastrami, was based in it’s community interaction and fan fair. It held a top-ranking spot for radio during its entire dynasty. 12 years after its final episode the nostalgic “Hello Caller format.” accompanied by great music prompted a life long following of Vic’s voice on the airwaves.  

Vic wasn’t always talking. He started by listening. Working with the USPS long before ipods and spotify, Vic passed the time at work tuned into the radio. His passion for the platform eventually led him to further his education. After studying Broadcasting he set out to begin his new career. 

No matter where he lived in his career, Vic has always advocated for three very deserving causes; animals, vets and children in need.  Unarguably the top three most heart-warming subjects you could possibly name. His career has been one of love and devotion to helping others.  St. Louis unconditionally loves Vic back and it’s not hard to see why. 

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Latest Broadcasts

Porcelli's Deli

This is a live broadcast airing three days a week during the lunch time window of 12-2pm.  We specically strive to feature emerging artists, veteran owned businesses and organizations helping youth and animals.  

Coffee With Vic

A one hour broadcast on Friday morning at 10pm. Vic and Jenn enjoy some coffee and look to audience interaction for conversation topics. Movies, music, food and pets are our favorite subjects.

Poker Podcast

Vic and Andy Kazen re-branded their show and called it The Poker Podcast. Vic and Andy talk about changes in the WSOP Main Event, they will also talk about how Andy is improving his game in the hand analysis segment. 

Vic has been a voice in broadcasting for over 30 years.

Vic Porcelli Entertainment is excited to be on air again. Whether you want to join our podcast as a special guest or hire Vic for your next MC opportunity send us a message and schedule a meeting with Vic today.

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We love to feature local artists and emerging talent, organizations dedicated to helping animals and childrent and Veterans. Contact us to schedule your interview!

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Prior to every broadcast we reach out to our community and ask a question. This prompts dozens of comments and propells the show’s content. Follow us on facebook to thime in. @vicporcellientertainment

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Listener Testimonials

“Your best yet. Great job Vic and Jenn. I’m now hooked!”

Dave Maniscalco

Sales, retired

“Best voice on the radio and internet. Vic has a sound that cuts through and stands out above any I’ve ever heard.”

Billy Greenwood

“What platform can we use to hear you tomorrow? Miss you on the radio!!”

Mary McCormick

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